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How to Address a Cover Letter…So You’ll Get Noticed

September 18th, 2012

If you’re looking for a new job, then you may already know that you should try to customize your resume as much as possible for each opening.

But what about your cover letter? Are you customizing that, as well, or just sticking with the same old “To Whom it May Concern”?

As one of Hartford County’s leading staffing agencies, Stewart Staffing knows that if it’s the latter, you could be missing out on another opportunity to set yourself apart from other job seekers.

Think about. If you received a letter in the mail, which approach would appeal to you more:

a) To Whom It May Concern, or
b) Dear [insert your first name here]

Of course, option b is going to be more appealing…and the same holds true for hiring managers who are reading through dozens – or more – cover letters each day. Your letter that addresses them by something other than “To Whom it May Concern” is only going to make a positive impression because it shows that you really want the job and went the extra mile in order to make the letter more personal.

So how should you address your cover letter? You have a few options to choose from:

1. Use the Hiring Manager’s Name. Do some digging via the Internet and try to find the hiring manager’s name. Use the company’s website or resources like LinkedIn to find it. In today’s world, most people have some kind of profile online, so you should hopefully be able to score big by taking this approach. If you can’t find it online, though, call the company directly and ask for the name of the manager in charge of hiring for the position.

2. Use the Name of the Position’s Manager. If you can’t find the actual hiring manager’s name, then look for the name of the manager who will oversee the person who gets hired for the position. For instance, if the job description says the candidate will report to the Associate Vice President, then look for the person who has that title on the company’s website or online.

3. Use the Name of the Department. If you’re applying for a position in the Accounting Department, then simply address your letter “To the Accounting Department.” While it’s not as personal as an actual name, it’s better than “To Whom it May Concern.”

4. Use a General Name. If you’ve done a lot of digging and still haven’t uncovered a name to use in your letter, then use something like “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Human Resources Director.”

Today’s job market is fierce. So anything you can do as a job candidate to stand out – in a good way – will serve you well in your quest to find a new position.

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